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Golden Pegasus Integrated Services

Distribution Logistics Simplified across 7 Continents Multimodal Transport Systems

A global Thinker and Strategical Distribution and logistics Planner - You Imagine or think and we plan & implement your distribution logistics

We are a global multimodal distribution logistics company , a non-asset based Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Warehousing business to provide value added Supply Chain services to customers to distribute their products to their data base of customers or partners worldwide, by cost effective measures by combining all modes of transportation in time and cost effective manner.

We offer services from all corners of the world to worldwide, by understanding the supply chain of customers to develop end-to-end solutions that will also help the multi-modal set up for distributions.

We assist our customers and partners in their distribution of products on Non Commercial value like samples, Spare parts, In flight Magazines , Tourism Souvenirs, Promotional literature, directories, Magazines and all kind of products  to be distributed with no commercial value and free of cost worldwide.

We offer door to door services including duties and taxes.

At Golden Pegasus Integrated Services we provide expert distribution services (Inventory-Distribution-Delivery/Pickup Services) to the auto parts, ancillary units or vehicle manufactures for their free spares, Ship spares, publishing and print sectors, hospitality sectors, wellness clinics, Tourism sectors or all kinds of business requiring services and distributions to their retail units, distribution channels through their partners, associates, Franchisees.

We are dealing everyday with distributions for Major Airlines/Hotel Sectors/Hospitals/ Wellness Clinics, Rail Networks/Exhibitions and Prestige International Stores.

Our services include Multimodal i.e Combination of Consolidation, Ocean freight/Air freight/Road Transport/Value added Services/Customs Clearance/Warehousing/Fulfilment and Waste Management, in Time and cost effective manner

Our planning specialists analyse and verify your distribution specifications and present proposals based on cost and deadlines.

We can despatch printed material worldwide against client customer or franchisee databases as free circulations and dispatches

We are family owned Transport and Worldwide distribution logistics company based in India , with our more than 500 associates based in all corners of world.

We are market leaders in providing efficient and cost effective transport around world supported by our worldwide associates in all continents, we deal with a large number of clients around the world. We also have vast experience in shipping throughout the world by Multimodal, air, ocean or road, utilising a large array of services of our worldwide associates with in our network as per customers requirements and deadlines as per cost and delivery times.

We defeat time differences across all continents when it comes to service a customer in any continent, wrt to our location.

We have capacity to build up any kind of services set up, as per the customers or our partners requirement across world.

We offer a highly personal service, appointing a client manager to each customer, in order to solve their logistic challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective way.